Saturday, December 29, 2007

december 29

as noted, it is dec. 29th. even the date sounds chilly, doesn't it?

be that as it may, i am on my front porch, in my jammies (not even the warm, wooly sack!), with my bare toes sparkling their christmas pedicure (alternating red & green - so fun) into the humid air. it's overcast, and will probably rain again, but it is so glorious out you'd think it was spring! it's a gift today, this balmy weather, and i intend upon soaking it up...even if it means i have to walk in the rain.

what'cha up to for new years eve? we are invited to 4 things, but i think we'll keep it simple... go to the pj party and chill with friends. but thanks to everyone else for asking! :) it's nice to be invited!

if you live here, go outside! if you live in the cold, well, sorry 'bout that.

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Sarah said...

What are you talking about? It's FREEZING out there! You couldnt pay me to venture out in this weather...