Tuesday, February 05, 2008

catalog of early spring

  • merry songbirds are back
  • a cacophony of frogs croaking in the neighborhood creek
  • the front porch in a tank top for an hour reading
  • hot while i walked the dog
  • windows wide open
  • fat, pink buds on the flowering trees
  • daffodils poking 3 inches up from the dirt
  • bluebirds & goldfinches
  • driving with the windows down
  • loving every minute outside, even the ones from the car to the grocery store.


Sarah said...

amen. I was (not running) this evening, and the very feel of the air on my skin elated me. And the silhouettes of the ducks on the lake. Yippee!!

Anonymous said...

How can you be so cruel as to even suggest that spring has sprung, when your northern friends are not even half way through the turmoil of winter! How dare you! (sulk)

Sniffling Cyn