Thursday, February 14, 2008


wow! yesterday evening, after a lovely friend brought over dinner and we watched a chick flick together, i had some time i could have checked my email before i went to bed. and i didn't! it wasn't even tempting! i went (counting this morning) almost 24 hours without email - voluntarily! i realize this may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's a sign of breaking an addiction with me. i feel so liberated! unchained, able to walk out into the sunshine of the real world and real people and be able to enter into Life. of course, it doesn't mean i'm chucking my email out the window - but maybe that by the end of Lent, i will control it, it will not control me.

"earth's crammed with heaven and
every common bush afire
with God.
but only he who sees takes off his shoes...
the rest sit round it and pick

- elizabeth barrett browning

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Light said...

You know it's funny when you become "unchained" from your computer. Our wireless decided to take a vacation and it becomes very stressful because you feel like you are lost without, when you never really are lost when you have the Almighty! :) Glad you feel free!