Tuesday, March 04, 2008

can words speak a thousand pictures?

by the end of this week we will slip back into the pre-spring chill, but yesterday was...

girls on bikes after school, both outgrown the small metal frames with winter, hunched over madly pedaling, brown hair flying, bug-eating grins

front porch sitting in late afternoon light filtered through the budding trees

dog walking and laughing with jaya, for miles and miles, in sunshine and warm wind - the kind that blows life into you rather than out of you

windows open fresh air bird songs cats in sunny patches on the floor

driving with the windows down and music up



Mark said...

I really like this one - speaks to my soul.

But seriously, how much more "life in you" do you need?????

Annie said...

Oh Mark that made me laugh!! :0)

Heather said...

How much more "life in you" do you need...oh, that Mark!

that's good stuff, Rae.

Anonymous said...

it's not that good. quite trite actually. you can do better.

Light said...

oh I disagree with anonymous! it brought many wonderful pictures to my mind!!