Thursday, March 06, 2008

glory & bliss

oh, the glory! oh, the bliss! sarah's lunch involved eating outside on the patio...and between waiting for annie to show up, lingering over appetizers, and enjoying the day, we were outside for over 2 hours; talking, laughing and eating. and i got a wee bit of a sunburn! now, don't get me wrong - i know they're not good for my skin or my health, but this is the first time this year the rays of the sun have warmed my skin like this! pink forearms aside, i think it's something to celebrate! :) hooray, spring! la la la!

and in other news, i found a great book at the library that made me happy ("killer year" - a collection of short stories by thriller authors who had debut novels in 2007), my baby brother called me not once, but three times today (previously unheard of!) just because he loves me, my girls were happy, supper was yummy, and i had nothing to do tonight.

glory & bliss.

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