Thursday, March 06, 2008

that's enough

good morning! (yes, even good morning to you, snarky anonymous commenter.)

today is going to be a good day. it's my friend's birthday, it's the only night since last thursday that i don't have a commitment and the sun is shining. i won't lie - there are definitely things today that i wish were different, but in the broad strokes, my life is good, and i have nothing to complain about.

curtis just finished a book called 'the irresistible revolution' (which i recommend to everyone) and in it the author talks about, what he calls, "the theology of enough". as in, stop stockpiling - we have enough. you don't need it - you have enough. take that money that would replace your perfectly good whatever, and use it generously for someone who does not have. it's a simple concept, really. and here in america, a good chunk of us have not only enough, but considerably more than enough. and if you don't have financial resources, what other resources do you have that you could be generous with? time to babysit for a single mom for free? time to make dinner for someone in need? an old couch for an international student? old cell phone to give to a women's' shelter? a wise woman (that'd be you, mom) once told me a sign of a healthy, whole life is that it becomes a resource to other people, and that's some of what this theology of enough is talking about, i think. going beyond the consumer driven mindset of accumulating for myself, and beginning to think about the person next door or across the ocean who needs the active generosity of someone who has 'enough'. just something to think about.


Annie said...

I am currently reading this book and it is as if I was being grabbed by my jacket collars with both hands by someone strong and steady and full of love who is desperately urging me to let go of all that hinders me and fully love, really release myself into His capable will and passion for my life.

Love this book!

Sarah said...

Hey! I have the same birthday as your friend! You should tell him/her and maybe we can have a joint celebration next year.

And I wanna read it toooo...

Sabrina said...

I have enough debt. But no one seems to want it.

Happy Birthday Sarah!