Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i KNEW this was going to happen.

my mom has birds. two zebra finches. and the phone call i've been waiting for came today.

"mom! we are being serious! papa is giving us an allowance and we found a bird that is only $17 dollars and we can pay for it and pay for all the food and if mimi gets a bigger bird cage we can have her bird cage and we will take care of it and make sure it's not loud in the morning and that the cats don't eat it please please please mom we will pay for all of it and the bird is just like mimi's zebra finches and they aren't smelly and we will take care of it and they are loud in the morning but we will make sure it's quiet and shut the door and ..."

i was laying on the couch, with the speaker phone on so curtis could hear their entreaties, and both of us were laughing quite hard. :) the kicker is, i may end up saying yes. *sigh* i love living things... and i think a bird might be a cheery addition to the house. but don't tell The Girls i said that. i told them "daddy and i will have to talk about it"....

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Marilyn said...

I heard it all from the other end ... and they are pretty pumped up about it ... sorry about that. You want Chatterbox and Cheekychops? I think I could talk papa into giving them away. And they are gay so no kids coming.