Saturday, July 19, 2008

murphy's law

i recently learned that driving from NC to MD is the worst drive in america. i don't have empirical evidence of that, but the anecdotal evidence i personally collected in the last 2 days is irrefutable.

i drove to college park, md, to pick up kyra from her week in washington at the national young leaders conference (where she learned many things and had a great time, except in her hotel room alone at night...poor thing), planning to drive out thursday, spend the night with meg in a hotel, and drive home with both girls friday. our arrival thursday was 2 full hours later than intended due to traffic. mind numbing traffic. rage inducing traffic, sometimes for construction, sometimes for no reason at all. at one point, i literally travelled 2 miles in 40 minutes. by the time we got to our hotel, i was dreading driving home.

rightly so, apparently. same thing on the way back. except with two wild girls in the back who had missed each other and were demonstrating it in the way girls do... loud giggling and backseat wildness. which i tried to embrace, because i'm glad my girls love each other. but by the time we got home, finally, i was ready for a little tlc from my husband - i needed a break! and i arrived home, miserable, to this text message:

"almost home. have to stop at urgent care. sprained my ankle."

damn. now who am i going to send to bring me snacks while i lay on the couch?


Heather said...

do what i do.

pack a cooler and leave it right beside the couch.

it's kind of like laying on the beach... without the sand in your arse.


Rob said...

Good ol' 95... being from DC, I feel your pain! At least it's fun when you get there :-)

*marissa* said...

oh boy! i was just up there myself, but have nailed that drive down. i have a way you can avoid 95/495 in northern VA next time you go. it will make the trip much better! sorry your experience was so rough!

Angela said...

Oh no! THAT explains the crutches we saw in the back of Curtis' car. We saw him when he must have been driving home from urgent care at the stoplight at Fayetteville and Woodcroft. JJ's comment was, "Curtis doesn't look real happy ... hey ... what's with the crutches in the backseat? Maybe that's why he looks ... less cheerful than usual."

Marilyn said...

Maybe in your next car you can get one of those glass dividers between the front and back seat - a kind of window you can put up and divide the universe. ??

Vincent said...

I submit Lexington, KY, to Orlando, FL, as a worse drive. You ever driven through Atlanta in the middle of the afternoon?

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