Wednesday, September 17, 2008

confession 147

you know what i really don't like about being a mom?

homework. i really don't like homework time.

at all.


Marilyn said...

good thing it isn't about the homework, huh? make them do it on the back porch eating ice cream, it might be a better hour. ;-)

syrinx said...

In my house growing up, it went like this:

Dad: "Jason, Rob, Dan, Chris - go do your homework."
Jason, Rob, Dan, Chris: "OK." And then we headed outside!

Good for you, mom!

rachel said...

do you really think if i put them on the porch with ice cream any work would get done? :) and it definitely is about the homework... if kyra doesn't finish it, she doesn't finish grade 6!!!

Steve (Oz) said...

I say Webcam + Grandpa = Happy Rae. I mean, really, he gets to help his daughter and granddaughters all at the same time... it's win-win. :)