Monday, September 29, 2008

truth in strange places

last night my daughter, age 10 1/2, went to the silver ring thing - a faith based abstinence 'rally' (for lack of a better term). not everyone who reads this blog is a fan of such things, i assume, but say what you will - she's my daughter, it's our faith, and her choice. in addition to the fact that we live in an age of rampant std's and overt sexuality that leads to a lot of pain and brokenness. i've seen it first hand in my friends & in my family. but this isn't a post about abstinence. (and i feel the need to add we did not take her last night in lieu of teaching & talking to her ourselves.)

this is a post about the trauma of being a parent and watching your little girl grow up. watching her slowly morphing into a young woman ... it started with deodorant, then The Talk (you should have seen the look on her face!) :), and we all know where it will end. she will be a grown up. where is the time going?

my brother just had twin girls 6 weeks ago, and already they are different - more alert, chubbier, more responsive... they are growing up to.

cherish your time, spend it wisely - it is more limited & more valuable than any dollar you have (or do not have!) we can't earn more - when it's gone, it's gone. be intentional. as much as i am loathe to admit it, like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...


Liam (and his mom) said...

Rae, Kyra is BEAUTIFUL! I mean, REALLY BEAUTIFUL! Liam was looking at the picture of her holding her new cousin, and he said, "Oooh, look, she's a mommy!" I asked, "Isn't she pretty, Liam?" He said, "OH, YAAAAA!"


p.s. I'm hoping to be raptured before I ever have to have "the talk". Hahaha!

Marilyn said...


sigh. boo hoo. alas.

Breezy said...

Such a beautiful young lady! Really gorgeous! I haven't even had my little one yet and I've already cried about him going away to college...a premature cry I know, but I do realize time goes by waay too fast.

Marilyn said...

hey post a pic of K's new hair ... smile - it was fun talking to M today - she is growing up too.

Curtis Mulder said...

Wow. I never look at pictures of current-Kyra against pictures of young-Kyra. Wow.