Wednesday, September 17, 2008


kyra is a passionate girl. i often find her digging through the kitchen garbage can, pulling out reciepts and other very small scraps of paper to recycle. she was upset to the point of tears - yes, tears - last week over all the empty pop bottles in the trash cans at her school, due to lack of recycling containers. every time i make a move toward the garbage, she leaps up from her chair and offers to put whatever i am holding in the recycling - even if it's not recycling. :)

then, stepping off the bus today, kyra was toting not only her book bag & two large, unwieldy textbooks, but also a plastic grocery bag full to the brim. what was surprising about this was that the grocery bag was not part of her ensemble when she left this morning. upon asking her, she grinned widely and said that the box that took up most of the space held the recycling she had collected from the classroom and brought home to put in our container, and the remainder was candy wrappers & trash she had prevented from being thrown out the bus window as litter on the ride home by her peers.

and that i just one more reason why i love my daughter. she is going to change the world... she already is.


jd said...

Thank God for Kyra!

Marilyn said...

she isn't going to be a passionate environmentalist - she IS that - you and Curtis can be very proud of how you've raised her... I sure am proud to be her Mimi - Meg's too

Breezy said...

I hope she keeps that passion...even if it's not for recycling, but for something. I wish I was that passionate about something...she has inspired me!