Friday, December 26, 2008

the calm after the storm

happy christmas!

we had a great christmas day! presents! joy! family! everyone too tired! too much food! friends! loud, raucous games! wine! fancy beer! did i mention TOO MUCH FOOD!??!

but i discovered this year the single hour of christmas i hate. they say everyone hates something about christmas, and here is my 'thing'. the hour after everything is opened and there is mad chaos. every kid asking to "open this!" "how does that work?" "where is my..." and my favorite..."MOOOOM!!!". add to this the mess (mess is not my friend) and the hurry to start the stuffing/turkey/quiche/pancakes/whatever, and it is chaos overload for me. i totally cratored yesterday in the madness! yikes!

but today is the calm after the storm. ahhhh. everything is figured out, everyone is happy in their pj's, food is 'help yourself to the myriad of leftovers at any time' and life is slooooowwww. some would say that the day after christmas is a letdown, but i think it's just about right.

as long as your not trying to get to the mall...


Krissi said...

I went to a mall today with a friend. Wow. Bad traffic.

Here's what I think you should do. Drink a little wine with your mother, and then put on those faerie wings and fly (preferably not off any stairs or anything).

I got myself Jack Kerouac's On The Road today, but not just any On The Road. This one is the Original Scroll. The legendary first draft--rougher, wilder, and racier than the 1957 edition. Or so the cover says. We'll see what that's all about. Hope the rest of the weekend is fabulous for you all.

Kim said...

Boxing Day rocks.

Liam (and his mom) said...

Personally, I hate all the clutter that's left. Bits of paper, tree needles, crumbs everywhere, tree needles, tree needles. I actually had to take my tree down today, otherwise I knew I'd have nightmares about my cat horking up yet another barfy needle pie. Why must he eat the needles?!? Anyway, it was totally worth it. A Christmas to remember. I'm glad yours was good too :o)

jd said...

So with you. For the last two days I have had my PJ's on until past noon. Sadly with church tomorrow I will have to be out of them by ten.

Light said...

I love the calm of the storm with the family! We are finally getting into our routine of the family....which is oh so nice! Unfortunately, people have started leaving to head home for their jobs. Nevertheless, the calm of the storm is always welcome!