Monday, December 08, 2008

an ode to my daughters

Slender and agile
The long fingers (with chipped purple polish only on the thumbs)
Carefully lay the blade alongside my own thumb (free of polish of any kind).

She pushes my hands together
With instructions to blow hard into the small crevasse.

Imagine my shock when, after being defeated by grass my whole life,
The jarring scream of an eagle
(Or blasting honk of a crow?)
Pierces our front porch!

Again and again
I blow hard into the small crevasse
While my daughter dances with bright eyes around my chair exclaiming
“‘I told you, you could do it!”

Three brown eyed girls
Hooting and chirping merrily in the sunshine
Luring neighborhood birds into response
Smiling at each other widely
From beneath our thumbs

Which look like they are up our noses.


Krissi said...

I went to summer camp one week every year as a kid. Our camp is at the beach and one day one year I was whistling with grass and was holding it too tightly (and differently than you are here) and it ripped and the nice thick blade of grass managed to give me a nice slice right along the corner of my mouth. It was a little a bad paper cut. Be careful.

This is beautiful, by the way. I love seeing (and reading) people love their children. Love is so incredible. Thanks for sharing. :)

Marilyn said...

now that's poetry