Saturday, December 06, 2008

the man i love

so last night we were at a district christmas banquet. there's so much i could tell you, but i will keep it to one story. :)

there is a part of the evening where introductions are made and thanks is given, and after each name there is applause. about 15 - 20 applauses. and right before they started, my husband turns to me and says, "i'm going to be the last clapper". he grinned. he is a loud clapper. so i leaned over and told jarred & crystal (friends at our table) the news...

sure enough, at the end of the first couple of claps, curtis is the last, loud, lone clapper. and crystal, jarred and i are in tears, we are laughing so hard. because we are in a room whose constituents are largely older & conservative. curtis has the most benign look on his face - mild mannered & gently smiling. but at the end of each round of applause, his giant hands ring out their last claps. soon, the table next to us, which must have had a few rablerousers at it, noticed what was going on, and extended their clapping quite significantly, causing curtis to have clap later and later, all the way into the next introduction once or twice! by now, crystal and i are cramping up from laughing so hard, and curtis just keeps clapping... oh my gosh. i nearly died!

and that is just one more reason i love my husband. :) well done, my dear.


Liam (and his mom) said...

Oh-my-gosh, that is HILARIOUS! So something the Curtis I know from over a decade ago would do. Bravo, Curtis, bravo.

(my husband would have been the last farter... by accident, of course... but proud of himself none the less)

Krissi said...

This is almost as funny as the fact that a friend of mine studying at St. Andrews in Scotland just spilled whiskey liquor on her Macbook keyboard and put the funniest status about it on her Facebook...just before it really started to die!

Your family sounds like you all would be wonderfully amusing company. :)

Mamie Hall said...

Way to go Curtis...he is an expert at making me laugh at inappropriate times!