Monday, July 31, 2006

the gift goes on!

ok - you may remember my "major award" for my poem 'the vine'...the one i had to pay a "nomial fee" to recieve...a fee that exceeded $170... is not the only thing i have been awarded! also, my poem is going to be published into a coffee table anthology called 'immortal verses'. a publication which i can purchase for the low low price of $49, and for which i recieve no royalties...although i do "retain the copyright to your own work of art". AND for a small fee of $25 i can fill out an artist biography that will go on the facing page of my poem! hoo hoo!

needless to say, i view all of this with a great deal of skepticism. but hey, if you all want to buy a $69 (your price, not the artist price) coffee table book of poetry, i can hook you up!


Angela said...

I think I'm going to go with the "Go to Rachel's, see the book, oooh and aaah over her published poem," approach ... I don't have 70 extra bucks laying around :-) But congrats that's wonderful!

rachel said...

well, since i'm not going to buy the book, we'll just have to sit and imagine it together! :)