Monday, July 31, 2006


oh boy - curtis didn't scoop the new frog eggs, and now there are a million tadpoles (tiny) amid the few i saved (big - one with a FOOT GROWTH!), and i have steeled myself to kill them (the little ones). i have already been outside this morning with my goldfish net, scooping and scooping...they are tricky little buggers - maybe it's the will to live? so now, i have a bucket full of tiny tadpoles, admittedly with a couple of big ones that i couldn't avoid, and i am going to flush them. or maybe get curtis to flush them...i am trying to convince myself it's not murder, but...i sort of subscribe to the monty python philosophy "ever sperm is sacred". and now that i think of it, the little tadpoles look an awful lot like sperm. i think i will have to get curtis to flush them...

welcome home, me!

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