Thursday, July 20, 2006

updates galore!

false alarm.... it wasn't was, apparently, tadpole poop. a long string of tadpole poop. ah, well. i figure it takes a thriving tadpole to create such a thing! :) i am awaiting more pictures, but what with my slighty insane husband working til 3:30 in the morning, i don't expect to get them promptly. i'm surprised he can form a complete thought on that kind of schedule!

there is a new problem in the elliott household - the furnace is leaking, and a huge water spot has shown up on the kitchen ceiling. my father is beside himself. my mother provokes him by telling him it's not a big deal. they roll their eyes at eachother behind their backs. we are eagerly await the furnace guy to put an end to the marital unrest. i have been spending a lot of time looking like i'm not listening.

other than that, we hope swimming lessons will resume today - having been cancelled the last two days due to an overchlorinated pool... how frustrating! but, no cancellation phonecall so far this morning, and optimism is peeking it's head out of my heart! i am keeping my mental fingers crossed....

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