Thursday, July 13, 2006

good news!

good news! the tadpoles are voluntarily swimming this morning! and they are bigger! and they are ALIVE!!! now i almost wish i weren't going to kentucky on saturday... i want to see my babies grow! :) all of you, please remind curtis to nurture them, ok?!

the ordination service went well... a lot gray hair, and at least one woman who sneered at my (fabulous!) shoes, but it was full of God, and lots of genuine warmth toward us (and all the other candidates), so... onward to our greencard! yikes!

1 comment:

Sassy_Doss said...

you point me to the old bag that snarled at your shoes...... I'll show her. (it's always good to have friends from WV because we'll beat people up for you at the drop of a hat). teehee.