Sunday, January 21, 2007

blue jobs

tomorrow is the Big Day... the day we start our immigration visa renewal. keep your fingers crossed, pray, etc etc etc. i know that it's just a matter of paperwork and fees, since we are law-abiding residents who pay our taxes, keep the speed limit and have american children, but it's a process that i don't love and causes me no end of stress. thank goodness for husbands. this is definately a blue job!


casey said...

good luck!

Sabrina said...

if you need references, I'd be a good one. :) The US government has already approved me to be a parent, so they must like me.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I have done this, and it's no more difficult that reading "Diseases of the Ox". You need to focus on patience and perseverance. Everything WILL work out, it just may take a longer and more confusing path than expected. Patience and perseverance. Also, learn how to spell "definitely".
love and everything, JV