Tuesday, January 02, 2007


ack! i have been waiting since THURSDAY for the shelter to call that i can bring her home! i called them over the weekend, and apparently their vet was out of town for christmas/new years, and since they won't release her without a vet check.... sigh... i have had to work on my patience!! while at church on sunday, i was talking about my naming dilema to a lovely woman who suggested a whole different approach! she suggested we name her 'holiday' - both after billie, and because we adopted her over the holidays (even if we didn't get to bring her home over them!!) curtis has put his foot down that i cannot name her 'pumpkin'...he refuses to let that word pass his lips - what a show of machismo! - and so i suddenly find myself leaning toward 'holiday', even though it's not a name of my choosing. i hate to ride the coattails of someone else's creativity, but ... if the name fits...

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