Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a famous poet!


i know you have all heard me talk about my lovely brother, jordan. he of the crazy animal stories, girlfriends and writing..."uncle new zealand", "uncle vinny", "j.vo"...he is one of my favorite people God put on this earth. and last night, i found out that his book of poetry, 'death by love at first sight', has been picked up by a publisher! a real, honest to goodness publisher! it is going to be at barnes and noble, people!! it's going to be on amazon! he is about to sign a contract for royalties and he is going to be in the library of congress! we have teased him in the last year for being 'the voice of his generation', but look! he is! i have an unpublished and notated manuscript from when he first put it together...and soon i will have the book, too! how cool is that? (i'm sorry - i realize this is a lot of exclaimation marks for this early in the morning...) so, i will let you know when it comes out, and i expect you to all go out and buy a copy! :) it is a very, very good book! (i previously posted one of his poems from the book on this blog, it's in the 'may' section of my archives, if you want to go back and read it...)

congratulations, j. vincent elliott! bully for you!


Sabrina said...

Wowie! Yay Jordan! Thats very very exciting. When's the book tour?

casey said...

super cool. tell him congrats!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, Rae. I expect that your many readers will all buy copies of DBLAFS when it comes out. Maybe I'll come to NC and have a book signing. Then you can all bask in my poetic glory. Oh, and thanks also for "keeping it on the down low." I guess the cat's out of the bag, eh? (I'm only giving you shit, I don't mind).
best, JV