Monday, January 08, 2007

consistently inconsistent!

ok, ok...i know! i've been a bad blogger! but it's been busy around here!

1. welcome, holidae! yes, it's official..."holidae" is our new family member. she has proven to be as sweet here as she was in the shelter's visiting room, and surprisingly unflappable with satchmo, our other cat. he tries to play with her, and she just ignores him. she was on my lap (purring!) when he ran up to the chair and batted her on the head - twice! - and she didn't even blink. good job, holidae!

2. curtis spoke last week at a national conference, and rocked! go, curtis! way to build up some personal 'cred' with the big wigs at the national office!

3. we had a "personal information infiltration" crisis and had to put a fraud alert on our credit through one of those national credit bureau (sp?) companies. needless to say, i'm still not totally at ease with all of that!

4. it was hard getting back to "real" life after the holidays, don't you think? crazy! back to making lunches, supervising homework, reasonable bedtimes, making dinner, et al. plus, i have to get on the ball again with my writing and teaching. but that means i have to re-engage in studying, so that i have something to say! eek!

5. my 'peeps' and i have to plan a retreat for may - not impossible, but we have been a wee bit slack, and now we have to get going! :)

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casey said...

I hear you girl. Today was my first day back. But I only had to make lunch for me! Good luck and prayers with the retreat. I will be there! woohoo!
sidenote: It was a blessing to sit next to you at church on Sunday! and Curtis rocked with house with worship. Go Mulders!