Wednesday, February 14, 2007

complicated woman

my mother once told me that i was "the shallowest deep person" she knows...and she meant it as a compliment. she was probably right - for every cause, idea or belief i am passionate about, there is a favorite lipstick, sparkly top, or.... pair of shoes. i would just like to say that she is also a contributing factor, because look at what she sent me in the mail this week!

and they fit like a dream!! so comfortable! and although she didn't know it when she bought them, they are from the same company that made my very favorite shoe of all time (but i can't show you a picture of them today, since i lent them out to a friend to wear...they are such fabulous shoes that they need to fulfill their shoe destiny by being worn out so people can gasp at their beauty. i will post a pic when i get them returned!) do i not have the coolest mom ever!?

to be fair, though, i must say that she is the biggest contributor to both ends of my spectrum - because all of the deepest workings of my heart are processed with her as well. cheers to you, mom. i love you.

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kristine said...

me likey! and want a pair too mom!