Friday, February 02, 2007

to tell my daughter

i want to tell my daughter
that this world does not seem made for sparklers.

but rather
for smooth bulbs in sockets
with carefully measured watts & volts,
that turn on and off at appropriate times

here the unpredictable spark
unreliable heat
flashing beauty
are risky -
pinched carefully from the end
and set down with quiet relief
when sparks die

no, it is not made for them
but it needs them.

without sparklers there would be no
spinning or laughter
no arms swooped in langorous, wide circles
trailing ribbons of smoke
in curlicues
no naked feet in night damp'd dew
no clinging grass on nightgown hems

don't be afraid to let your spark fly
you will be a flashing
beautiful risk
that someone can take

and they will need you


Joey said...

This is beautiful! Simply beautiful!

Steven said...

Lovely. "Stolen" (with credit) and saved for my daughter.

Anonymous said...

i am reading your blog.

merrill5 said...

amen and amen. I want to light my sparklers!!!!!!!