Saturday, February 03, 2007

like the abominable snow man

something happened this morning - something every parent hears about, but usually chalks up to urban legend, wishful thinking, or someone else's perfect parenting. my meg begged me to let her clean the toilets. all of them. begged. and celebrated when i told her "yes". i'm not sure why this constitutes a privilege, but i'm going with it! when she was done, she asked me if i would "please!" not clean the bathrooms unless she was home from school, and that she couldn't wait to turn 10, when the bathrooms officially become her job. am i dreaming? am i hallucinating? i don't know for sure...all i know is that i am truly, deeply grateful.


kristine said...

i'm horribly jealous. mabey one day my kids too will celebrate over the porciline throne.

Steve (Oz) said...

I wish you the best of luck with her continued desire to clean your toilets.

Anonymous said...

i read your blog! who am i???