Wednesday, February 28, 2007

tech support

let me preface this by saying that i quite love my new laptop! vista has lots of fun things, and is pretty and girl friendly. but it's a little pissy, if i'm honest. i've already had to call tech support twice...fortunately, they are patient and helpful. thank you, dell! curtis reminds me that as microsoft debugs stuff and updates become available, it will be less and less pissy. frankly, i can wait! they already had a patch to fix a driver problem i had, so ... hooray!

also new, i am walking my friends dog! at least for lent, maybe forever! :) yesterday was my first day, and figuring out the harness was tricky, especially since bella (the dog) was so excited she tried to 'help'. i'm sure this actually does help my friend, who knows what she's doing, but bella and i wound up in quite a tangle! we got there eventually, and now i am out the door for day two of dog walking!

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