Friday, June 08, 2007


wow! i just saw that this is my 200th post! a milestone, to be sure... i didn't know if i would like blogging, or if i would keep it up, but hey! look at me! the big 2-oh-oh!

today is the last day of school. and in honor of it, i was field trip mom...again. and i think i got a little sunburnt, but hey - it's the last day of school! hooray! some parents don't love the last day, but i do. i love the not having to make lunches or "get up and at 'em" in the morning. i love hanging out with The Girls, and having freedom to come and go as we please. to be sure, there are downsides...but they are outweighed by the good. and this summer we are busy beavers! our first sleep away camp, a trip to Canada, a visit to KY and one to my brother in OR... phew! school will be back before we know it! so i if you don't find me online, i am definitely in the backyard in my swimsuit, drinking soda through a straw and getting some sun while the girls play outside around me. life is good.


casey said...

I love how you capitalize Girls...royalty. A Proper Noun. :) BYW, I got a $20 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble! Jordan's book, here I come!

Sarah said...

Im jealous! No, no, not about being field trip mom. Its the freedom for backyard soda-sipping. Maybe I'll specialize in seasonal affective disorder, then I can have summers off too!