Thursday, June 21, 2007

a whole lotta nothin'

good morning!

today is the last full day in our week of freedom - a week without The Girls. this week i have...

  1. cleaned their rooms like demons - not a fun thing to do, but very needed & triumphant!

  2. seen 3 movies - spidey 3, hollywoodland, knocked up/fantastic 4 (i went with girls, he went with boys)

  3. had lunch at a swanky restaraunt - no prices on the menu!!

  4. had lunch with friends

  5. had dinner out with friends

  6. going for dinner out with friends tonight again

  7. slept in

  8. napped

  9. not cooked meals

  10. read a whole novel by my favorite author

  11. laid out in the sun

  12. walked, spur of the moment, with my friend

  13. answered approximately 117 phone calls from Meg - who was taught which number was speedial to mommy's and told to call any time. she never has anything to say, but she is commited to keeping in touch. (reminds me of me and my brother, with me in the role of "meg"....the poor boy)
  14. did a LOT of nothing! no groceries, no vacuuming, no cleaning (apart from monday), 2 days with no shower....

it has been the most relaxing week ever. and i am going to "suck the marrow" from this, my last day.


Vincent said...

15. Bought my brother's book.

Sarah said...

Lovely how one week can simultaneously be fun-filled, productive, and relaxing. Glad you got all three!

jd said...

How people go a day without a shower is beyond me! My greatest needs: 1) God 2) shower 3) coffee

Sandwiched between God and coffee... I think you understand the importance!