Monday, June 11, 2007

look! look!

look! look! this is my brother's book! it will be available at Barnes & Noble, as well as amazon, in a mere 48 hours! FOURTY-EIGHT HOURS! i couldn't be prouder, or more is a really great book! above all, through all the subjects & meters, it will make you feel. and that is a true gift. go order it - preferrably from your local B&N - and you can all tell me how much you love it, so i can tell Vince! :) you go, baby! i love you!


Vincent said...

Ha! Kid, you're sweet.
I even have an ISBN. I feel so official.
Just call me ol' 1-4241-8492-4.
Love you.

casey said...

you know my free B&N gift card is going to that! yeah for poems by brothers!