Sunday, June 03, 2007

this is what love looks like...

love looks like a friend showing up at my door for no reason with an armful of roses, on a day that just so happened to be the very day i needed it most.

love looks like my husband helping me by wrangling 3 children into cleaning 3 rooms so messy i started to cry, and then going out for milk.

love looks like my brother offering me his airmiles to make a trip out to see him.

love looks like a friend using his connections to make my lifelong dream of anthem singing come true.

love looks like friends asking me about mark, and my trip, and entering into my joy with wide smiles and genuine interest.

love looks like my mom "singing my song" to me on the days when i have forgotten the words.

love looks like a hug from meg, with the words, "i'm sorry you are sad, mommy".

love looks like friends saying 'sure!' when i ask if they can watch The Girls for me, even for whole days at a time, when they all have their own lives full of craziness.

love looks like friends asking if they can come over after work just to listen to us, and pray for our immigration visas.

love looks like an email from someone who saw that i was not myself and cared enough to ask.

love looks like luaskya, casey, shanna, sabrina, curtis, jordan, mark, steve, marilyn, andrew, john, jaya, joey, brandy, sarah, meg, kyra, tracey, dennis, tamar, jennifer, leah, krii...and so, so many others. you fill my life with love. and i wanted you to know that i saw it, and am grateful for it. i love you, too.


casey said...

Much love to you baby!

I'm vaclempt...tawlk amongst yourselves....I'll give you a topic. The thigh master is neither a thigh nor a master. Discuss.

Thank you for the walk...even though you didn't need it as much as I did!

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps it could look like someone showing appreciation for something small and in the process showing that despite a life full of clearly lovely people, they still have room to welcome someone new. Thx.

rachel said...

that is the nicest comment ever. made my day... i want to be that kind of person...