Saturday, August 11, 2007

the (right?) questions

so the last few days i've been at the leadership summit - and it's like drinking from a fire hydrant. my brain is tired!! to be honest i am overwhelmed, as i've been trying to find my footing again, heading into the fall. i was really hoping the summit would be a proverbial 'shot in the arm', but (as good thinking does) it raised more of the right questions than handed out all the "right" answers. typically, this is the kind of thing i love - but i can't deny i was looking foward to a couple of easy answers.

how like life...i think you and i are sometimes too tired/busy/anxious/blind to dig into the difficult questions and take appropriate steps to reorder our lives. i can say with certainty i am. left to drift on my own, without giving time or energy to the real questions that drive my heart, i am easily distracted from my real purpose by all the fun & frivolous things in my world. these are (obviously!) not bad things, but if i give my whole life to them, i am wasting my inner resources.

my brother, jordan vincent, in one of his poems writes, "i am burning my personal electricity by leaving my light on for you"... i have decided to start asking myself more honestly - where am i burning my personal electricity? am i leaving the lights on when no one is in the room, as it were?


john said...

or you could just be honest and ask...."Where do i get another video of marcus buckingham?"

rachel said...

HA!! you saw under all my fancy words, huh??