Wednesday, August 01, 2007

turning the corner

Two cows are standing in a field. One of them says to the other, "Have you heard of this mad cow disease?"
"Of course, why do you ask?" replies the second cow.
"Doesn't that worry you?" says the first.
"Why should that worry me? I am a helicopter."

i am sorry - that made me laugh! so i inflict it on all of you...

my brother thinks my blog is too depressing lately, and he's not wrong. so today we are turning a corner...and the key to attitude adjustment is gratitude, so here is a little thank therapy! i am thankful for (in no particular order)....
  1. a husband who loves me after 13 years! and i am ... mmm.... complicated sometimes.
  2. The Girls - healthy, smart, beautiful, kind, loving & lovely
  3. i have a plethora of real friends - not just "hihowareya" friends, but genuine people who love me, whom i love
  4. my brothers, whom i adore
  5. my cat holidae who purrs on my chair
  6. music
  7. my home in NC - it's like living in eden, and my acutal home is more than i ever thought we'd own
  8. freedom to be able to stay at home with The Girls and still pay the bills
  9. my hammock
  10. my mom
  11. coffee in the morning
  12. i am healthy and strong
  13. the birds on my feeder
  14. the mailman
  15. God who loves me
  16. technology that keeps me in touch with my peeps
  17. airplanes
  18. wonders of modern medicine - tylenol, allegra, et al
  19. turtles & deer in my yard
  20. naps


kristine said...

i think today i need to be a helicopter too.

Sarah said...

Yay for happy thankful things! However, you have made a typo. Barfs is not spelled p-u-r-r-s. FYI and all.

rachel said...


but we are talking about the living room chairs, not the dining room chairs...

Annie said...

I like the idea of being a helicopter...vertical lift off & sailing high above it all but not so high as you can't wave to the folks below...(too much time in the car today methinks) :0)

cm said...

Hmmm. Just curious. Exactly how thankful are you for the mailman?