Sunday, August 05, 2007

sunday morning....

let me extol, for a moment, The Crumpet. i realize most of you have never heard of, never mind eaten, a crumpet, but, oh, you should. i grew up eating them, and haven't been able to find them south of the border - they are a british food, i guess. but somehow, my wily mother was able to put her hands on some, and brough them with her this week, and i just had my first crumpet in years. "...and rachel ate it, and it was good."

get thee a crumpet, people!


Mark said...

There are crumpets in my fridge as I speak - I had a couple yesterday for lunch with some of Marilyn's jam.

You can buy them at Trader Joe's. You may never have been to a TJ's, but it is worth the trip (a west coast institution). Also an excellent place to buy cheap drinkable wine (in states that allow such things)!

Trader Joes
1393 Kildaire Farm Rd.
Cary, NC 27511
9 am - 9 pm


PS "may happy hour rise up to meet you" - I love it

merrill5 said...

I just had my first crumpet last week! But it wasn't the english muffin type. It was like a biscuit. But you can't call it a 'biscuit' because that is a cookie in these parts. Sigh. Too much to remember. Eating shouldn't be that much work. :0(