Wednesday, May 28, 2008


...on The Girls in the shower. i missed the offending comment, but meg immediately burst into tears.

(meg) "that hurt my feelings!"

(kyra) "i'm sorry. really. i was joking."

(meg) (crying) "it's not a joking matter!"

(kyra) "well, i said i'm sorry. do you forgive me?"

(meg) "NO."

(kyra) "well i said i'm sorry. you have to forgive me."

(meg) (emphatically) "fine. i forgive you. but i don't want to."

ah, the sweet sounds of reconciliation. :)


Sarah said...

I shed a single tear over that deeply touching exchange. Heartfelt.

Marilyn said...

Rachel - you are living in a sociological experiment there ... it makes me laugh all the time ... I just have Steve to listen to!