Tuesday, May 20, 2008


sitting cozy on my couch last night, kids safely in their beds and all being right with the world, i was tucked in to watch a couple season finales i've been looking forward to, when the phone rang. i let it go, since it was a number i didn't recognize, and checked the message. it was my 8yr old's teacher, calling to tell us that the mom of one of my daughter's friends had died over the weekend. suddenly life telescopes. 8 year olds should not have to go to their mom's funerals. i told meg this morning - called her into my bed to talk. she took the news solemnly, but had moved on by the time breakfast was over. this is one of her first brushes with death - she remembers her greatgrandma passing away, but she was very small, and gramma sarah was very old. i wonder what today will be like for her? what her teacher will tell the class? what her friends will say? i told her that her little friend would need lots of love when she came back to school, and meg is a good "lover"... but what a loss. i prayed for their family, the dad and two little girls. i hope they have people around them to love them, too.

love the people you need to love today. it may be the only day you have to do it.

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*marissa* said...

oh sadness. praying for that family!!!