Monday, May 05, 2008

product placement

gather round, children. i have wisdom to impart... or at least, some random recommendations for you!

in the catagory of movies, i've seen three fantastic films lately!
  1. eastern promises - this movie definitely earns it's "R" rating, but the story is tight, the acting is fantastic and the ending is ... well, go rent it! it was 4 stars for sure!
  2. gone baby gone - this movie got really good critical reviews, so i was prepared to hate it. "nuanced" generally means "boring" and "deft story telling" usually means "pointless". this movie was neither! curtis and i were both glued to our seats - it was gripping & well told & surprising & left us gaping at each other, asking "what would you do?" 5 stars. totally.
  3. born into brothels - this is a stunning documentary of the children of india who are born to prostitutes in the red light districts. a photographer who went to document the lives of the women fell in love with the children, and began to teach them photography - and much of the story is told through their own photos of life in the brothels. this manages to tell the truth of their story without leaving the viewer despairing... definitely worth it.
also, i have to recommend clorox 'green works' household cleansers. they are amazing! i don't think i've ever used a product that actually worked as well as it said it would, never mind a "green" product! i am switching over as my bottles run out, and have 3 of them already - they are great! you go, clorox! save the world and clean your bathroom, all at the same time!

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Sarah said...

ooo...born into brothels is in my queue in this new movie rental thing called.... webflicks?... netfilms? ...something like that...