Thursday, October 02, 2008

things of beauty

isn't fall beautiful? i mean, we aren't into the glorious leaves yet, but the air... the open window air. it's gorgeous. i can tell it's fall here when the light changes... it takes on a different quality and lights the rooms of my home with rays that skim rather than shine... everyone snuggles down into the blankets at night, pulling them up over ears and noses while the chill air creeps in through the open windows and you wake up to cold toes and the smell of coffee and leaves.

not everyone has the luxury of a warm bed, though. maybe we all ought to think about getting a couple of these blankets and keeping them in our backseats - then we'd have something to give the man on the corner, holding a sign & asking for mercy. i think that would make God smile... and that is a beautiful thing, too.


syrinx said...

I keep a couple of those McD's gift cards on hand (it's the only time I venture into a McD's). But one cold night about a year ago I was on Franklin Street and I gave one away. The dude's face lit up, he gave me a bear hug, and then shouted for a couple of his friends. They all went for a feast at the golden arches across the street. I'll never forget it - it took so little to make his day.

Marilyn said...

it does take so little ...on all kinds of fronts... I like this part of you Rae