Tuesday, October 07, 2008

lewis... again

it is important to realize that there is some really fatal flaw in you: something which gives the others just that same feeling of despair which their flaws give you. ... (we ought to) abstain from thinking about other people's faults... and think of one's own faults instead. ... of all the awkward people in your house or job there is only one whom you can improve very much. that is the practical end at which to begin. and really, we'd better. the job has to be tackled someday: and every day we put it off will make it harder to begin.

that clive staples. he didn't mince words, did he?


syrinx said...

What a downer, Rachel!

Marilyn said...

remember Evelyn Underhill's "I have no new defect." Still love it.

Annie said...

I've returned to your original post with this quote in it many, many times. It's a GOOD one!