Saturday, October 25, 2008

a week to make a difference!

in the upcoming spirit of christmas, for the next week i will posting lists of unique, eco-friendly, fair-trade or sustainable gift ideas! woot! check them out - i promise something for everyone, and something for every budget! it's my christmas present to you! :)

  1. - 100% hand-rolled paper, made in uganda, these pieces provide consistent income for ugandan families. styles for men & women!
  2. - there's a lot to choose from here, but these are reclaimed tin ceiling tiles made into gorgeous photo frames. this is a fun site to cruise!
  3. - another site that offers so much! but this 'apple-tree-to-be' kit is fabulous!
  4. the ethical travel guide - with the big idea that tourism should always benefit local people, this guide has resources for 60+ destinations.
  5. - an 80 page sketchbook that has 4x6 cutouts in the center to accomodate pictures! for the artist you love...
  6. - a watch made from recycled footballs! go team!
  7. - a very cool wooden LED alarm clock! i have no idea how it works, really, but it is very interesting!
  8. - (thanks, mamie, for the idea!) these are eco-friendly & vegan shoes - super cute, super friendly for the world! made from a variety of materials, ranging from recycled inner tubes, bike tires and milk bottles, to felts, organic cotton & coconut!
that's all for now... more to come!


Marilyn said...

nothing like talk of Christmas to ruin my day... sigh Grinch

rachel said...

no grinching! you will have your delightful, if spinny, granddaughters around for christmas!

Michelle said...

Here's MY three favorite sites that I'll defintiely use for Christmas ideas: for GREAT vegan shoes! Yet ANOTHER great vegan shoe site with something for the WHOLE family,

and lastly, for that cook in your family, check out the artisan organic himalayan salt/peppercorn gift set @

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