Thursday, October 30, 2008

sorry it took so long!

man, a week can fly by, huh? here are some more good gifting ideas...

  1. - ecotools... bamboo handles and hemp fibers, these are great makeup brushes! for the diva on you list... :)
  2. - recycled placemats with built in napkin rings... very fun!
  3. - give some ducks or a goat, clean water or pay for the education of an aids orphan, teach a woman a trade or buy a share in a whole farm! i say this every year, but this is the best way to give!!
  4. - very cool organic and recyled gifts - including fruit bowls made from potato chip bags collected from the streets of nepal!
  5. - 'worldchanging' is a book that covers nearly every environmental base, offering tips on how to go green, as well as teaching about the newest eco-technology!
  6. - how cool are these??!? genuine vinyl records, repurposed as coasters! (and cruise the site for more cool things!)
  7. - ha! elephant poop! who knew??

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