Monday, January 09, 2012

the optometrist

while i am not yet "a woman of a certain age", i am, still, a woman of a certain age. and today, when i went to get my eyes checked, my optometrist said i probably didn't need a new prescription, but maybe just "anti-fatigue' lenses. this sounded wonderful to me, as my eyes are so tired at the end of the workday. he went on to describe them as "having small section in the lower third with a greater magnification for reading and focusing on the computer". i do believe i just got prescribed bifocals.


Light said...

I hate getting older!

Angela said...

If it makes you feel any better I wore bifocals from the time I was six till I was fifteen. No joke. Big, ugly, 80s round lenses style bifocals. At least style has improved since then!

Cynthia said...

Heheheeee, you're old.