Tuesday, January 17, 2012

subtle drift

i got into my car today and realized i've become someone i never intended to be.

my prius - which i love - boasts numerous bumper stickers. even "hippie" bumper stickers. like, "love wins"... and a faded old 'toms' sticker, and even a sticker from a band. that i don't even love, but came free with the cd. and then the dog magnets... "dog mom" and "i love my rescue dog"... and looking at the stickers led me to the acknowledgement that not only am i a "dog mom", i'm a dog mom who puts a sweater on her (50lb) dog to walk her in the cold (45F. not that cold.) because she's adorable in it! somehow i have become a woman in her 30's whose car is covered with principled bumper stickers, who puts sweaters on her dog, and who, this very weekend, went to a fabulous local restaurant - the kind with actual ambiance - totally unshowered, and dressed remarkably like a homeless person. and i didn't even care. 

i don't even know who i am anymore. :)


Sarah said...

You need not saving, but bravo-ing! :)

Curtis Mulder said...

I like who you are a WHOLE lot.

Marilyn said...

you are not being something...you are slowly unfolding into who you are. I like that too.