Tuesday, July 24, 2007

boys! boys!

oh boy oh boy! i am psyched! i am going to the leadership summit this year, and i just looked at their website, and they've added KIRK FRANKLIN! I LOVE HIM! his 'hero' cd is the best victory music around (that boy has got the vic-tory!)....never mind that he's a musical genius and his music is so full of ... for lack of a better word, music! :) 'hero' has a track with stevie wonder called 'why' that is phenominal!! i was telling my friend Lu that one of the funny things about that cd is that my favorite tracks on it are the ones that i have no personal reference point for - but they speak beyond my culture & i find them very evocative. i am so excited to see him!! hooray!

plus they added
marcus buckingham, who i've heard before, who is not only a leadership genius, but a very handsome brit with a fabulous accent...(sorry curtis - but don't worry, i love you more!)


Annie said...

Yay! Hey I saw a squirrel yesterday that reminded me of you...most squirrels in my neighborhood scamper and run...this squirrel was leaping like a little kid would skip along joyfully. He (or she) had a mouth full of pine needles, clearly ecstatic with his newly acquired treasures he leaped along the side of the road toward home :0) Thought of you and made me smile! (joey)

rachel said...

i LOVE that that made you think of me... i haven't felt myself lately, and i need to get back to sparkling & loving & joy... i am going to hold on to that picture...