Saturday, July 14, 2007

shout out to my momma!

so, one of the cards waiting when we got home was from my mom, (who included $20 so we could order pizza and not have to get groceries right away - what a great mom!), that said 'welcome home & happy anniversary!", along with a wine bottle candelabra thingy (very pretty). curtis read it and said, "she knows our anniversary is in august, right?" because she forgets every year. and i replied "she knows it's in the summer" :) (LOVE YOU MOM!) any way, all this to say, this is the front of the card she sent (sorry it's blurry):

that's right, baby! make your own damn dinner! can i just say one more time that i love my mom? ha!


Sarah said...

That is awesome!

casey said...

just keep that on the fridge to remind the other Mulders! :)

Jessica said...

I made a collage for my friends with pics of us and quotes I cut out of magazines and that pic was one of them! I love the whole line! You can find stuff like that at 2 stores at Southpoint I think. . . your mom is funny like my mom- my mom sends me cards with coupons in them! Glad you are back home- I won't be at church tomorrow as I am visiting my old youth pastor's new church but have an awesome weekend!