Saturday, July 07, 2007

jeez my mom is demanding!

ok - ok! i've been slack blogging, but i've been a busy beaver! i have actually WORKED - like at a JOB - for the last 4 days! phew! been at the salon, play...i mean... working with my friends. :)

but i will leave you with this -

driving home tonight from a rehersal, the air was redolent with the smell of fresh cut hay - so much so you could almost taste it. it's one of the happy smells of my childhood... and the canola is yellow. there are miles upon miles of fields of yellow canola, and i love it so much. i will try to take a picture... some people think it smells yucky, but again, a happy smell of my childhood.

good night!


Sarah said...

Ahhh...that description made me very happy. I'm not positive what canola smells like, but at least your list of happy childhood smells doesnt include skunk and fields freshly sprayed with manure. I know it's pathological, but I can't help it. And careful you don't over-exert yourself with all that...working... :)

rachel said...

oh man - not only did i work, but i drove 4 times to a city an hour away to lead 3 worship services with rather racous one (my fav, obviously!)and i have no voice today (monday)! yikes!