Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the truth about nostalgia

so, you may have read that my dad is all misty & nostalgic for the prairies of my youth. and it's true - the sights & smells of my childhood are happy and i have loved experiencing them on this trip. but they are not what i live for anymore...they are the ghosts of my past, not my present, or even my future. my heart lives in the smell of wild honeysuckle and butterfly bushes, in the sight of the crepe myrtle trees blooming hot pink & heavy, the feeling of the humid warm air on my skin in the late evening while bats swoop past the streetlights and fireflies bob in the lawn. i love the memories i have of my childhood...but i am a grown up now, and have put childish things behind me. :) so as much as i love the thick smell of canola in the summer air, give me the fragrant trees of north carolina any day.


Anonymous said...

laughing - you might have convinced dad until you mistakenly mentioned bats... don't you mean hats ... hats blowing in the wind? or cats ... cats meowing in the trees overhead... common Rae... i don't want to have to move to Alberta! me

Vincent said...

You and I need to have a talk, like face-to-face, sometime soon.

casey said...

the trees and bats miss you in NC!