Monday, July 09, 2007


there are just some people you always have room in your heart for... these are some of my peeps - annelie, bonny, rienna, karen, me & kristine - who got together last night. even though we don't see each other often, we shared our lives so closely for so long that it's like walking back into a room you just left to be with them. they are fantastic women, and i am lucky to count them as my friends!

this is curtis & jeff... they've been together longer than curtis & I have! :) they were roommates at school, went to jazz school together after curtis & i were married, were the best men at each other's wedding... i don't know of two men who are closer friends. curtis loves him even though he is "an uber-talented, i-can-do-anything-better-than-anyone, friend" :) they are so cute to watch together, and i like to say that on the rare occasions that they get to see each other, jeff gets dibs on curtis!


casey said...

I just blogged about this too...friends are a treasure from God. really! I'm glad everything is going well! Miss you here in NC!

ajp said...

I am just so blessed to be your friend! You rock - and YES friends are treasures from God!