Friday, July 13, 2007


i will spare the gory details til we have a real conversation, but let's just say that we were 4 1/2 hours early at the airport and just barely made our flight. the trip was anything but smooth or anticlimactic, but all obsticles were overcome (thank you for your prayers!!!) and we are home!! all SICK, and pooped, but HOME!! and we came home to signs (literally!) of how much we are loved. you may not be able to tell, but Sarah even drew on all the stars! holy crap! :) there was an "i missed you card", a welcome home card, a bottle of wine, some brownies with nuts for curtis, donughts (which we ate for breakfast, along with the milk John & Jaya tucked into our fridge), and andrew, God love him, brought me a "take along" pack of wine in the car with him to pick up Kyra and I from the airport ... it even had a bendy straw! this is why nc is home - it goes so much deeper than the weather! :) but it's a nice perk.

i am pooped gang. and i have to get groceries and unpack the kiddos yet. so i'm off - but i'll talk to you all later. thanks for all the love - big love right back at ya! xoxo rae

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're home safely - it was sure nice to see you!
Is it really THAT bad over here?!!