Wednesday, November 14, 2007

diggin' davy crowder

i will be the first to admit, me and dave crowder were not love at first listen. some of his band's CD's have too much odd & experimental stuff between the music - it can be like listening to a CD with commercials. but, oh, the music.... it kept me coming back. but his new cd, remedy, is pure music, nothing weird, and i love it. then for my birthday i got tickets to go his "remedy" tour - the show was last night. ahhhh, davy crowder. your music makes my heart fat & happy. it makes me sing and jump and raise my hands high over my head ... it reminds me who i am meant to be. today i am hoarse & my butt hurts from hopping - clearly it was a great night!

"...all the love in the world

is right here among us

and hatred too

so we must choose

what these hands will do..."


Sarah said...

Huzzah! Glad it was a good night :)

Anonymous said...

and your husband earned major brownie points with such an awesome birthday gift i am sure

rachel said...

he would have, but the present was from our friends! :)

*marissa* said...

good ol david! great music! my family was at his show in DC the other night. since it was at a club, they asked that the club do not serve alcohol which would have meant my brother in law (a bartender that night) would not have made any money. but david's wife went around to each bartender and gave them $200 for the night. now that is awesome.

Anonymous said...

what awesome friends you have. you are so lucky!

casey said...

but I love his experimental stuff too! Sunsets and sushi is a great album of his. I'm glad you had a good time!