Friday, November 16, 2007

THIS is where the husband brownie points come in....

oh, my dear husband. not only did he pay attention to my festive wishes, he acted upon them! and in time, not for christmas, but for my birthday!

i am the deliriously happy owner one cherry chocolate phone! it does so many things that i don't even know how to do them all! i received my first ever text message last night - and replied! without even reading the book! i set my voicemail to say, "you've reached rachel's phone of birthday joy! please leave a message & i'll call you back!" it has voice recognition so i can just say, 'call curtis' and off it goes! i can listen to music on it.... without headphones! and it takes pictures, and has all sorts of internet capabilities... and it's so, so, so pretty! it makes my heart happy.

there are all sorts of husband brownie points & cosmic gold stars being awarded. this birthmonth is getting better and better...and it's not even over yet! hooray!


Sarah said... to figure out how to call when you are sure not to answer so I can chuckle at your voicemail... Hee hee.

casey said...

I will definitely have to text you now! Give me your # is 919.699.8468!

kristine said...

if you e-mail me your # even i can text you. he he!